Babywearing: A World of Possibilities

By , October 17, 2011 2:18 pm

Momma Sarah keeps Eben close as they explore the shores of Lake Erie together in their Sleepy Wrap.

If you are pregnant and you happen to know me, then the chances are pretty high that we have already had this conversation. Babywearing will change your life. It will rock the foundations of what you imagined parenthood was going to be like. If this is the first baby that you have decided to wear, you will be able to join the ranks of mothers who cry to the heavens: I wish I had one of these with my other babies!

I have written numerous times about my own experiences with babywearing: about how to do it safely; how it keeps our babies happier; how it allowed me to keep my baby at the office with me when I had to return to work. I figured it was time to hear from some of the families I know or have worked with about the unique ways babywearing has impacted their lives and provided a world of possibilites for parenting:

The sleepy wrap was a wonderful way to have my mom and sister bond with Eben.   All my mom talked about was how she couldn’t wait to put him in a stroller and go for a walk.  I explained to her that the only way she was going  for a walk was if she put him in the sleepy wrap.  She was reluctant at first but once I helped her put it on, she fell in love all over again.  She raved about how wonderful it was to have him so close listening to her heart beat while they enjoyed a nice walk. A wonderful connection for the both of them. ~Sarah

The Sleepy Wrap is great device! One that lets you hold your child and accomplish a multitude of tasks… such as washing dishes or playing guitar. I believe every family would benefit from having and using one ~Bret

It did not feel natural to place him in any sort of baby contraption.   All of the STUFF I thought I would need went unused;  the crib  turned into a nice big laundry basket! And newborn clothes? Who needs those when baby is kept warm and snug close to your heart! ~Sarah

My aha moment came when I realized how silly it is to push a tiny 9 pound child in a 30 pound stroller/car seat combo…through a crowded room. People are much nicer about moving when the baby attached to you. I also learned that nothing soothes a colic-y baby like a good snuggle in my wrap. Peace, love, and babywearing. ~Erika

My son who had reflux finally fell asleep after a feed (upright in our new-to-us ring sling) and I could actually go do the dishes instead of having to lay on the sofa while he slept on me. He was 4 months old at that point. ~Nichol

I had tried it when my first was born, but didn’t have the knowledge and support to follow through. When my second was born it took me a few weeks to remember my ring sling in the closet. I took it out and took the time to get it right. I could play with my 2 year old without neglecting the baby. This is how it was supposed to be. Also when I was able to put baby on my back in a woven wrap and do laundry, I felt productive again! I am now a member of the local Babywearing International! ~Heather

Hottie McDaddy keeps this baby warm in the Peekaru!

Camille McConnell, a local Sleepy Wrap retailer here in Erie, was kind enough to provide State of the Heart with a beautiful Sleepy Wrap so that I have it on hand to share with families, let them try before they buy, and to give them a sneak peek at the world of possibilities that babywearing will open to their family! Hold the presses! There is some big news in Sleepy Wrap world: they are now called Boba Wraps… same wonderful wrap, different name!

But wait! That is not all: Camille also provided us with a Peekaru to test drive just in time for a brisk northwestern Pennsylvania autumn and winter! What is a Peekaru you ask? It is a fleece vest that zips over a soft baby carrier to keep you and your child warm. It fits comfortably over all carriers, including Hotslings, Ergos, BabyHawks, Mei Tais, and Boba Wraps. So, there are no more excuses for not wearing your baby in every type of weather!

Want to try both of these amazing products and many more? Join State of the Heart, from 7-9 pm on Wednesday October 26th at Caring For Women Midwifery in Sherman NY to participate in a Babywearing Workshop! We will have local retailers, like Camille from Boba Wrap and Mel of Mel’s Colorful Creations with plenty of wraps, slings, peekaru’s, and babywearing know-how on hand to get you off to the best possible start with Babywearing!

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